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Our Elastomer Training Center is closed until further notice, so courses will only be available online, not in person in Akron. To support our industry during this uncertain time and encourage continued learning, Rubber Division, ACS Student Members receive FREE registration to 2020 courses and webinars. 

Previous training opportunities offered can be viewed near the bottom of this page. Any interest in seeing a previous course or webinar repeated? Email and let her know!

UPCOMING COURSES: Click on each course name for full details, descriptions and pricing.
*Free for Rubber Division, ACS Members

September 22 - Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in the Rubber Industry
October 19-23 - International Elastomer Conference Educational Symposium
These will be featured during our IEC virtual event:
- Seminar: Primers & Adhesives for Rubber-to-Substrate Bonding: Selection, Preparation, Application and Molding
- Soft Skills for Scientific Success
- Rubber Explained
- Essentials of Rubber Technology
- Fillers: Non-black and Carbon Black
- Vulcanization and Curing Chemistry
- Hazardous Communication
- Essentials of Silicone Rubber
- Basic Rubber Compounding
- Compounding Fluoroelastomers
- Mixing and Testing for Compound Consistency
- Setting Up a Rubber Molding Process
- Basics of Specialty Elastomers
November 16-19 - Rubber & Science Fabrication
December 10 - Respiratory Protection Programs
December 15 - Electroelastomers: Applications, Principles and Opportunities

UPCOMING WEBINARS: Click on each webinar name for full details, descriptions and pricing.
Webinars are free for Rubber Division, ACS Members.

September 24 - Sales & Marketing 101 in the Rubber Industry
November 12 - Personal Protective Equipment 

ENDURICA WORKSHOPS: Click on each workshop name for full details, descriptions and pricing.
These workshops are available here through our partnership with Endurica LLC. They are live online multi-day workshops that will give you a deep-dive, hands-on experience in how to solve durability issues. Our members receive $100 OFF these workshops!

November 9-13 - Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Behavior for Analysis and Engineering
November 17-19 - Rubber Compounding for Durability
December 1-4 - Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis with Endurica Software
December 8-9 - Viscoelastic Effects in Elastomers and Impact on Durability

February 25 - Introduction to Compounding, Mixing and Testing
February 26 - Compounding Fluoroelastomers
March 25 - Processing and Testing of Rubber
April 15 - Basic Rubber Compounding
April 21 - Hazardous Communication
May 6 - Soft Skills for Scientific Success
May 12-14 - Intermediate to Advanced Compounding and Testing of Rubber
May 19 - An Introduction to Continuous Vulcanization
May 20 & 21 - Sponge Rubber 101
June 11 - Essentials of Rubber Technology
June 11 - Essentials of Silicone Rubber
June 12 - Mixing and Testing for Compound Consistency
June 12 - Setting Up a Rubber Molding Process
June 17 - Rubber Explained
June 29 - Thermoplastic and Functional Elastomers
*June 30 - Communicating for Scientific Success
July 15 - Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in the Rubber Industry
July 20 - RPA Testing of Rubber Processability and Dynamic Properties
July 21 - Rubber Explained
July 22 - Carbon Blacks Manufacturing, Properties & Applications in Rubber Compounds
July 28 - Basic Rubber Compounding
July 29 - Processing and Testing of Rubber
August 18 - Strength and Endurance in Rubber
August 19 - The Fatigue Limit of Rubber
August 19 & 20 - Rubber Extrusion Technology

May 18 - The Function and Selection of Ester Plasticizers
June 24 - Utilizing Lab Equipment for Efficient Development and Problem Solving
June 25 - General Considerations in Failure Analysis of Rubber and Elastomers
July 23 - Social Media Marketing in the Rubber Industry
August 6 - The Basics of Mixing: Internal Mixers
August 13 - Silicone Explained
August 27 - Basics of Polymer Testing & Processing (for non-technical employees)
September 2 - How to Extend Lifetime of Elastomers and Rubber Products
September 17 - High-Performance Elastomers in Automotive Under-Hood Applications

Any questions? Contact Heather Maimone, Membership & Outreach Director, at