Publication Excellence Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the paper published in our Rubber Chemistry & Technology Journal each year that best exemplifies excellence in scientific publishing based on the following criteria evaluated by the Editorial Board:

  • Novelty
  • Technical depth
  • Quality of writing
  • Projected impact to the elastomer science and technology field

The winning authors are honored each year with engraved plaques, a shared prize of $2,000 and are granted open access for their publication.


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2022 – Authors: Sebastian Leineweber, Lion Sundermann, Lars Bindszus, Ludger Overmeyer, Benjamin Klie, Heike Wittek & Ulrich Giese
Title: Additive Manufacturing and Vulcanization of Carbon Black–Filled Natural Rubber–Based Components

2021 – Authors: Dayakar Penumadu, Jun-Cheng Chin, Stephen Young, Frederick Ignatz-Hoover, Tom Floyd & Peter Chapman
Title: Sulfur Dispersion Quantitative Analysis in Elastomeric Tire Formulations by Using High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography

2020 – Authors: Lewis B. Tunnicliffe, Kimberly Nelson, Shaobo Pan, John Curtis & Charles R. Herd
Title: Reinforcement of Rubber by Carbon Black and Lignin-Coated Nanocellulose Fibrils