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Chair’s Corner

2022 Chair – James D. Eddy

Jim's theme for 2022 is Steadily Stronger: Pulling Together in Challenging Times.

“Steadily Stronger: Pulling together in challenging times” is the theme I have chosen for 2022. Certainly, we are living in very challenging times, and Covid has certainly had a dramatic impact on our meetings and revenues. We will work to strengthen our meeting attendance, and meeting revenues, and to rebuild our financial reserves. Join us and share your ideas as we “pull together” to strengthen our Division in 2022.

Areas of Focus:

  • Covid and its economic impact will be part of our external environment for quite a while.  We need to understand that Covid is not going to magically go away, and plan accordingly.
  • Our financial reserves have been hard hit by the impact of Covid on our meetings and revenues.  We will look at each aspect of our activities to search for those that should be dropped, added, or altered to improve the Division’s financial position.  We will look at each expense and look for ways to reduce expenses to live within our means.  We will seek new approaches to rebuild our financial reserves.
  • We will find new ways to seek out feedback from our exhibitors, members, subdivisions, future and student members, and our very capable staff, and assess and act on their thoughts and suggestions for improvement.  Everyone’s ideas matter, and are truly valued. 
  • We will look at the marketplace we serve and begin to strategically assess competitors who have similar offerings to ours.
  • Educational programs to generate interest and enthusiasm among high school and college students in the Rubber Industry will remain a focused priority.
  • We will embrace remote work and remote committee environments as a long-term change and our new “normal”.