Chair’s Corner

Anthony Mariniello

2024 Chair– Anthony Mariniello

Anthony’s theme and goals for 2024 will be posted here soon.

His 2023 theme was: Rubber Division, ACS: The Premier Resource for All.

Anthony’s overall 2023 goal as Chair was to strengthen all that we are and offer so the many facets of our industry understand how the Division can be a strong resource to them to achieve their goals. Emphasis was placed on efforts and initiatives that align with our strategic plan. In addition, focus was placed on the following:

  • Engaging with young professionals in our industry and continuing to expand our outreach to this demographic to increase awareness of our industry
  • Revitalizing volunteerism within the Division to get more professionals involved
  • Leveraging our resources with ACS and partners to gain more engagement from the academic community regarding membership and increasing our variety of programming
  • Building upon the value our International Elastomer Conference provides by continuing to try new things to benefit the varied sectors of our industry