Chair’s Corner

Anthony Mariniello

2024 Chair– Anthony Mariniello

Member Focused, Mission Driven

2024 will be a continuation of the advancements we are making to bring more to Rubber Division, ACS membership through a strong drive focusing on our mission of educating, connecting and growing the evolving elastomer community. We will continue to work toward the long-term goals of our strategic plan and continue to add value that our world-class organization creates.

We began on a path several years ago to build and strengthen our position within the industry as the top resource for rubber and elastomer knowledge and expand beyond chemistry to include all members of the industry in our programming and focus. We will continue along this path while being inclusive to every aspect of the business of rubber.

We will drive initiatives in the areas of:

  • Engaging with young professionals
  • Revitalizing volunteerism and appreciation of commitment to our organization
  • Providing more opportunities to our members through collaborative work with the American Chemical Society (
  • Growing the impact of the International Elastomer Conference with synergistic opportunities to increase value for attendees

We ask you to join us in working to achieve these goals. Every tomorrow brings us one day closer to meeting them. We have a great membership and leadership team, and we look forward to experiencing the positively anticipated results!