Board of Directors

The governance of Rubber Division, ACS is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of members of the Executive Committee along with the Area Directors and select Committee Chairs and Affiliated Partners as non-voting members.

Executive Committee

Anthony Mariniello, Chair, ChemSpec, Ltd.

Anthony Mariniello

Nordmann US Inc.
Chair’s Corner

Ron Campbell, Treasurer, Greene Tweed

Ron Campbell

Greene Tweed

Russ Vogelsong

Russ Vogelsong

Lion Elastomers

Erick Sharp

Assistant Treasurer
ACE Laboratories

Tina Darnell

Chardon Custom Polymers

Terry DeLapa, Director of Bylaws & Procedures

Terry DeLapa

Director of Bylaws & Procedures

John Long

John M. Long

JMLong Rubber Consultants, LLC

Jeffrey (Chenchy) Lin

Alternate Councilor

Leonard Thomas,
Member-at-Large, Consultant

Leonard Thomas


Kim Dempsey-Miller,
Past Chair, KimLink, LLC

Kim Dempsey-Miller

Past Chair
KimLink, LLC

Richard pazur, Directors’ Representative-elect, National Defence - Government of Canada

Richard Pazur

Directors’ Representative
National Defence – Government of Canada

Rick Webb

Directors’ Representative-elect
SKF Sealing Solutions NA

Lakisha Barclay, CAE

Executive Director & CEO
Rubber Division, ACS

Area Directors

*Indicates an Affiliated Technical Organization

Brazil Rubber Group – ABTB* – Andre Mautone, Microjuntas

Canadian Society for Chemistry* – Richard Pazur, National Defence – Government of Canada

Chicago Rubber Group – Rick Webb, SKF Sealing Solutions NA

Detroit Rubber Group – David Clark, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Solutions

Energy Polymer Group – Sean Djuricic, R.D. Abbott Co., Inc.

Fort Wayne Rubber & Plastics Group – Daryl D. Meyer, ARLANXEO USA LLC

Indian Rubber Institute* – Mehul Patel, Attuned Polymers Laboratories

Los Angeles Rubber Group – Renee Horvatich, Akrochem Corporation

Mexico Rubber Group – Jose Gazano, Ingenieria & Procesos Industriales, SA

Michigan Rubber Group – Tim Dickerson, ChemRep

Mid Atlantic Rubber & Plastics Group – Dilip De, Greene Tweed

New England Rubber & Plastics Group – Tara Castine, Ravago Chemicals North America

Ohio Rubber Group – Mike McDonnell, Zeon Chemicals

Ontario Rubber Group – Andrew Biksa, Azelis Canada, Inc.

Quebec Rubber Group – Philippe Julien, Azelis Canada, Inc.

Southern Rubber Group – Travis Wesley, PHT International, Inc.

Twin Cities Rubber Group – Janice Jones, R.D. Abbott Co., Inc.

Committee Chairs

Education – Erick Sharp, ACE Laboratories

Exhibits – Robert Carroll III, R.E. Carroll, Inc.

Marketing – Scott Legleu, R.D. Abbott Co., Inc.

Membership – Russ Vogelsong, Lion Elastomers

Partnership – Kim Dempsey-Miller, KimLink, LLC

Program Planning – Critt Ohlemacher, Smithers

Young Professionals – Kylie Knipp, ACE Laboratories