Bioelastomer Award Sponsorship Available

June 16, 2023

An opportunity to sponsor one of the industry’s prestigious Science & Technology Awards, the 2024 Bioelastomer Award, is available! Email [email protected] to secure it today!

Our Science & Technology Awards are made possible through valued sponsor support and allows us to honor the winners for their contributions to our industry.

Bioelastomer Award

  • This award is to honor significant contributions to the advancement of biomaterials in the field of rubber science and technology. It was established in 2018 by Rubber Division, ACS as a part of its effort to recognize the contributions of scientists in the field of biotechnology and biomaterials as these relate to elastomers and rubbery materials.
  • The award consists of $3,000, an engraved plaque and $500 for winner travel expenses incurred in attending the award ceremony banquet.
  • The recipient must have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding or utilization of biomaterials, including naturally derived elastomeric polymers and protein-based bioelastomers.

In addition to the pride in knowing you are providing the opportunity for worthy nominees to be selected for this prestigious award, the sponsor receives:

  • opportunity to provide a short congratulatory video to be played at the Science & Technology Awards Banquet
  • logo in the Science & Technology Awards Banquet program and on signage at the banquet
  • acknowledgement of sponsorship in next year’s award winners public announcements
  • company name on the award winner’s plaque presented to them at the awards banquet
  • logo, company description and link to company website on in the Science & Technology Award section
  • complimentary table top exhibit at the Rubber Division, ACS Spring Technical Meeting
  • promotion of support in Rubber Division, ACS social media channels
    acknowledgement as the award sponsor in many places the award is mentioned

Sponsor investment is $3,750 (to be paid in January 2024). This allows us to honor deserving individuals in our industry by continuing to offer this award.