Educating, connecting and growing the evolving elastomer community

About Rubber Division, ACS

The Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicians, scientists, plant managers, sales and marketing professionals and others in the rubber, polymer or related fields within industry, academia and government. We work to educate, connect and grow the evolving elastomer industry through educational, technical, business and networking activities. Rubber Division, ACS is over 100 years old!

Our Mission

To educate, connect and grow the evolving elastomer industry

Our Vision

We are the premier resource that strengthens the bonds between science and industry for a thriving elastomer community.

Core Values

We deliver high-quality programming and develop bold leaders.

Passion for Knowledge
We continuously learn and grow and share that knowledge with others to advance our industry.

Focus on Members
Our work creates a collaborative experience focused on the best interests of our members and stakeholders.

We are creative and ever evolving to meet the needs of our community.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect
We are our best when diverse voices and perspectives are included and valued.

Our Bylaws

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Interesting Rubber Division, ACS Facts:

  • Rubber Division, ACS originated as the India Rubber Section of The American Chemical Society in 1909, achieving Division status in 1919 and incorporating in 1963. Rubber Division, ACS is one of 32 divisions of the American Chemical Society. It has been headquartered in Akron, Ohio since 1909.
  • Rubber Division, ACS is composed of 16 Subdivisions, called Rubber Groups, located throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. The Division has increased its outreach via affiliations with three technical organizations (Canadian Society of Chemistry, India Rubber Institute and Brazilian Association of Rubber Technology) and two Associated Technical Partners (Plastic & Rubber Institute of Malaysia and The Society of Rubber Science and Technology, Japan). We continue to pursue new opportunities worldwide.
  • Rubber Division, ACS has published one of the most highly respected and cited rubber science journals since 1928 - Rubber Chemistry and Technology.
  • Rubber Division, ACS presents an annual International Elastomer Conference in October, which features a technical meeting, exposition, educational symposium and much more. This event attracts about 5,000 attendees on odd numbered years and over 2,500 on even numbered years.
  • Rubber Division, ACS maintains a one-of-the-kind library devoted to rubber and polymer science. The John H. Gifford Library is located on The University of Akron campus and contains one of the largest collections of rubber related material in the world.
  • Rubber Division, ACS supports scholarship at the collegiate and professional level. The Division annually awards over $21,000 in scholarships to students and those currently working in the rubber industry. The Division has student chapters at colleges in the United States, Poland and Brazil.
  • Rubber Division, ACS serves as a global resource in education, science, technology and business related information and programs.
  • Rubber Division, ACS serves as a focal point for interaction and networking opportunities as well as the introduction of new technologies within the rubber and plastics industries, through its conferences, expositions, specialty conferences and technical meetings.
  • Rubber Division, ACS awards the Charles Goodyear Medal to individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of rubber science and technology throughout their lifetime. This award, plus five other prestigious rubber science and technology awards, are presented annually at a Science and Technology Awards Ceremony.