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Student Services

Guiding the Students of Today and Tomorrow

The rubber, elastomer and polymer industry needs you. If you are a high school or college student interested in becoming part of a fascinating profession in chemistry, rubber, elastomer or polymer technology, then the Rubber Division, ACS has a plan for you. The Division has formed a cooperative partnership with industry senior leaders, universities and Rubber Groups to participate in a comprehensive plan to help you from your first year in high school to your first job in the industry.

The Student Outreach Program centers around five areas that provide opportunities to get involved and learn what the industry has to offer.

Our Student Services Goals:

  • Be proactive in attracting, educating, training and recruiting talented and qualified students into the rubber and affiliated industry to be part of the future workforce
  • Provide a centralized way for students to find and understand opportunities in education, networking, internships, scholarships and other resources available from all key partners
  • Get students involved in the rubber and affiliated industry as high school seniors, immediately upon entering college, and throughout their college careers
  • Help students find their first job in the rubber and affiliated industry upon graduation
  • Continue to develop and improve upon student-oriented programs and resources

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Contact Heather Maimone, Training & Membership Director, at for more information.