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Current Recipients

Rubber Division, ACS 2023 Science & Technology Award Winners

Charles Goodyear Medal: Dr. Chris Macosko

Sponsored by HF MIXING GROUP

Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award: Dr. Anke Blume

Sponsored by Lion Elastomers

George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching & Research: Dr. Li Jia

Sponsored by Cabot Corporation

Sparks-Thomas Award: Dr. Lewis Tunnicliffe

Sponsored by Endurica, LLC

Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award: Dr. Glen Fredrickson

Sponsored by Renkert Oil, LLC

Fernley H. Banbury Award: John Putman

Sponsored by ACE Laboratories

Bioelastomer Award: Dr. Arthur Coury

Sponsored by Cancarb