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Science & Technology Awards

Rubber Division, ACS annually honors the best of the best with the most prestigious awards in our industry – our Science & Technology Awards. Winners are honored at a banquet that takes place during our spring technical meeting and each winner gives a presentation in the afternoon technical session following the banquet. Our Science & Technology Awards include:

  • Charles Goodyear Medal - Sponsored by Rubber Division, ACS
  • Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award - Sponsored by Lion Elastomers
  • George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching & Research - Sponsored by Cabot Corporation
  • Sparks-Thomas Award - Sponsored by ExxonMobil 
  • Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award - Sponsored by the Ralph S. Graff Foundation
  • Fernley H. Banbury Award - Sponsored by Endurica, LLC

Rubber Division, ACS has a Science & Technology Awards Committee, chaired by Dr. Maria Ellul, ExxonMobil Chemical Company. It consists of up to 12 members and includes the Committee Chair, Committee Vice Chair, the Division Chair, Editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Division Executive Director, Division Science Librarian and six Division Members who are experts in rubber technology. A press release is sent out early each year asking for nominations. Nominations are due to the Executive Director no later than June 30th each year. The S&T Awards Committee members review all nominations. The committee then meets in August to discuss and select the recommended award winners. This is a lengthy and thorough process whereby nominees’ bios, publications, patents, awards, published work, nomination letter and support letters are discussed, as well as input from anyone on the committee who is familiar with the nominees’ work. The recommended award winners are then presented to the Executive Committee for final approval.


Interested in becoming a sponsor of one of our Science & Technology Awards? Contact our Marketing Manager, Gretchen Cermak, at or 330-595-5540.