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Research Services

The Science Library serves as a research resource for Rubber Division, ACS members and others in the elastomer industry. Our fee-based research service helps technical staff and business leaders alike to uncover scientific, technical and industry information. While we specialize in the science and technology of rubber (formulation, processing and testing), the Library is equipped to answer questions on just about any topic.


  • Customized online research and literature searches using industry-specific databases and publications
  • Identify articles, conference proceedings, technical literature on any topic
  • Locate industry profiles and market reports
  • Patent searches, standards
  • Fast, electronic delivery of documents to our users within 24 hours


Literature Searches
Member Price - $45/hour
Non-Member Price - $100/hour

Special Topic Research: includes patents, industry statistics, technical questions etc.
Member Price - $45/hour
Non-Member Price - $100/hour

Article and document copies (PDF format)
Member Price - $15 each
Non-Member Price - $45 each
*Copyright fees vary by publisher

ASTM Standards
Member Price - $10
Non-Member Price - $20
*Copyright fee

Rubber Division Technical Papers
Member Price - $10
Non-Member Price - $20

RC&T Articles
Member Price - Free
Non-Member Price - $45

Educational Symposium Papers (ended 2004)
Member Price - $50
Non-Member Price - $100

Database Fees (STN, Compendex, etc.)
Actual Cost

Book Loans
Member Price - $15
Non-Member Price - N/A

Call for Quote

Questions or search requests? Contact Chuck Brady at or 330-595-5543.