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Publication Excellence Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the paper published in our Rubber Chemistry and Technology Journal each year that best exemplifies excellence in scientific publishing based on the following criteria evaluated by the Editorial Board:

  • Novelty
  • Technical depth
  • Quality of writing
  • Projected impact to the elastomer science and technology field

The winning authors are honored each year with engraved plaques, a shared prize of $2,000 and are granted open access for their publication.

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2021 - Authors: Dayakar Penumadu, Jun-Cheng Chin, Stephen Young, Frederick Ignatz-Hoover, Tom Floyd & Peter Chapman
Title: Sulfur Dispersion Quantitative Analysis in Elastomeric Tire Formulations by Using High Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography

2020 - Authors: Lewis B. Tunnicliffe, Kimberly Nelson, Shaobo Pan, John Curtis & Charles R. Herd
Title: Reinforcement of Rubber by Carbon Black and Lignin-Coated Nanocellulose Fibrils