Webinar: U.S. Regulatory Compliance in the Rubber Industry

Webinar Overview: This webinar is designed for managers or technical personnel working in the rubber industry. Geared specifically towards U.S. regulatory compliance, this webinar outlines the various U.S. regulations in effect that a rubber manufacturer should be aware of and be able to certify their compliance. This is the perfect course for both the technical […]

WORD Conversation – Tina Darnell

WORD Conversation - Featured Guest: Tina Darnell WOMEN OF OUR INDUSTRY: Join us for our first WORD Conversation of the year on March 27, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET with featured guest Tina Darnell and a March Madness theme. This WORD Conversation is held virtually via Zoom and begins with open networking for approximately […]

Webinar: Global Rubber Technology – Processes, Current Status & Future Trends

Webinar Description: Centered around the global rubber industry, this course was designed to be advantageous for both technical and non-technical personnel working in the rubber industry. These topics will be covered: • Status of the global rubber industry • Properties of rubber compounds • Rubber technologies • Rubber products • Expected future of rubber technology […]

Webinar: Maintaining High Performance in Challenging Testing Laboratories

Webinar Description: Quality control and other testing laboratories play a critical role for manufacturers, as well as research and development organizations. The data they generate is often a proxy for a product’s safety, quality and performance. Analysts who test products are usually the last line of defense to prevent substandard products from reaching and negatively […]

Webinar: Green Tire Chemistry: Optimizing the Tire Magic Triangle through Tread Chemistry

Webinar Overview: Dating back nearly 40 years, the demand to improve fuel efficiency while maintaining tire traction and reducing treadwear continues to be a trend for tire manufacturers. This has become even more critical as electric vehicles have rapidly entered the market. New, performance-enhancing materials have impacted tire tread performance, including elastomers (rubbers), process oils, […]

Webinar: Basics of Polymer Testing & Processing

Webinar Overview: This webinar is designed to be an introduction to the rubber industry for employees who have very little or no understanding of how rubber or plastic parts are […]

Course: Thermoplastic & Functional Elastomers

CEUs: 0.76 (To receive the CEUs, attendees must attend the course live and promptly complete the survey evaluation after the course.) Location: This course is available virtually only. It can […]