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S&T Awards


A digital copy (CD, flashdrive or email file) of the Nomination Package must be provided to the Division's Science and Technology Awards Committee and be received no later than July 15 of every year for the Awards Banquet at the following Spring Technical Meeting.  A signed hardcopy is no longer required.

Please download the Award Descriptions, Nominations Package Checklist and the Sample Nominations Letter to continue. 

***Please note, it is the responsibility of the nominator to send a follow-up message via email or phone to Ed Miller ( or 330-595-5532) to confirm your nomination package was received.

Ralph S. Graff Foundation

The foundation was started by Ralph S. Graff to sponsor the Chemistry of TPE Award.  This foundation is now open to any person, company or group who wishes to contribute to it.  See the award details above under "Award Descriptions".  If you wish to make a contribution to the foundation, please contact Accounting Manager Lakisha Barclay at  or 330-595-5539.  All contributors will be listed on this web page as follows, plus they will be listed in the next Science & Technology Awards Banquet program in the event following their contribution. 

      Founding Sponsor

      Ralph S. Graff (2008)

      Platinum Contributors (> $2,000)

      Thomas N. Loser (2011)     

      Gold Contributors (> $1,000)

      Silver Contributors (> $500)

      Bronze Contributors ($500 or less)

      Thomas N. Loser (2013)   

2015 Recipients

Dr. Sudhin Datta - Charles Goodyear Medal
Dr. Gert Heinrich - George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research
Dr. Alan Muhr - Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award
Dr. Julie Diani - Sparks-Thomas Award
Dr. Carl Willis - Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award
No Award This Year - Fernley H. Banbury Award


Past Recipients

Rubber Division Service Awards