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Training & Development Initiatives Update

Posted by Gretchen Cermak Monday, January 28, 2019 2:57:00 PM

Rubber Division, ACS is happy to announce that we are moving in new educational directions that will benefit the Rubber Groups, members, students and the technical needs of the elastomer industry. For those who may not know, we have a new Training & Development Manager, Nicole Neila. Nicole will be the voice for our Rubber Division, ACS educational programs. She has a strong educational background and innovative ideas. Recognizing that education is one of our primary missions, the entire Steering Committee has gotten behind Nicole and have developed some outstanding ideas that will provide the resources for organizations and individuals within the industry for years to come. We know that many have asked when the new SMART Elastomer Training Center will be ready and technical courses offered again through Rubber Division, ACS. The good news is that we expect the renovation work to be completed by February 15th, allowing the furniture to be installed and technical equipment to be tested and final acceptance by February 28th. So, look for upcoming announcements on scheduled courses and future activities.  

There is other good news too that adds to the excitement. In the very near future, you will hear about a new Strategic Partnership formed within our educational programs. This will elevate our courses to a new level of interactivity both locally and globally. You will also hear about an initiative that will solidify the Rubber Division’s commitment to providing the best educational programs to you with identified renowned speakers and partners. Watch for some more exciting news to come soon that outlines these new initiatives in more detail. In the interim, know that Rubber Division, ACS is fully committed to serving as the primary resource for education and training for our Rubber Groups, members, students and others seeking increased knowledge and skills within the elastomer and related communities!      


Ed Miller, Executive Director
Rubber Division, ACS