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Executive Committee

Steering Committee

William Stahl

Jerry McCall

Chair, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc.
Jerry McCall

Michael Morrow

Chair-Elect, MBG Associates, LLC
Mike Morrow

Brian Barkes

Treasurer, GFL Americas, LLC
Brian Banks

Kim Dempsey-Miller

Assistant Treasurer, Consultant
Kim Dempsey-Miller

Jim D. Eddy

Secretary, Zeon Chemicals LP
David O'Brien

David R. O’Brien

Director of Bylaws and Procedures, AirBoss Rubber Compounding
Jim Eddy

Eduardo G. Pereira

Director’s Representative, Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation
Eduardo G. Pereira

Ron Campbell

Director’s Representative-Elect, Greene Tweed & Company
John M. Long

John M. Long

Councilor, JM Long Rubber Consultants, LLC
Leonard Thomas

Leonard Thomas

Alternate Councilor, Consultant
Mark Pertas

Mark Petras

Member-at-Large, ChemRep, Inc.
Edward L. Miller

Edward L. Miller

Executive Director, Rubber Division, ACS

Area Directors

*Indicates an Affiliated Technical Organization

Blue Ridge Rubber Group – Gary Horning, Sid Richardson
Bourbon Trail Elastomer Group - Charles D. Lenk, Laur Silicone
Brazil* – Fernando Genova, Parabor, Ltd.
Canada* – Phil Magill, Royal Adhesives & Sealants
Chicago Rubber Group – Rick Webb, SKF Sealing Solutions NA
Detroit Rubber Group – John Fahy, Alternative Rubber & Plastics
Energy Polymer Group – Andy Anderson, Eutsler Technical Products
Fort Wayne Rubber Group – Brian Barkes, GFL Americas, LLC
Indian Rubber Institute* – P. K. Mohamed, Apollo Tyres
Los Angeles Rubber Group – Thomas G. Martin, R.D. Abbott Company, Inc.
Mexico Rubber Group – Jose Gazano, Consultant
Michigan Rubber Group – John Mohl, Maplan
MidAtlantic Rubber Group – Ron Campbell, Green Tweed & Company
New England Rubber Group – Eduardo G. Pereira, Harwick Standard Distribution Corporation
Ohio Rubber Group – Tina Darnell, UTC Aeorspace Systems
Ontario Rubber Group – Ron Williams, H.M. Royal, Inc.
Quebec Rubber Group – Philippe Julien, Chemroy Canada, Inc.
Southern Rubber Group – Scott Erwin, Lintech International, LLC
Twin Cities Rubber Group – Tim Reski, Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

Committee Chairs

Education & Publications – Joel Karczewski II, Hexpol Compounding
Exhibits & Meeting Sites – Stephen O'Rourke, Consultant
Marketing – Anthony Mariniello, ChemSpec, Ltd.
Membership – Russ Vogelsong, Lion Elastomers
Program Planning – C. Jeffrey Lin, Eastman Chemical Corporation