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Chair’s Corner

2018 Chair – Jerry McCall

Jerry's theme for 2018 is “INVESTING in the FUTURE.”

His primary goals are as follows:

Member Recruitment and Retention Plan: Outreach programs for both students and teachers; Optimize program to drive retention and recruitment; Finalize and publish student chapter manual; Reevaluate 1st Timers program to include welcome program/package for 1st time attendees and exhibitors and reviewing/updating Rubber Division presentation 

Develop Global Strategic Partnerships: Work with Strategic Partnership Committee to establish and reaffirm realistic strategic partnerships to promote and advance the evolution of the global elastomeric profession and its relevance to society 

Education: Increase courses and standardization within the Elastomer Training Center; Map out and prepare to update Rubber Division Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rubber Technology courses; Increase High School Outreach Program and seek regional Rubber Group support; Increase marketing efforts behind Education

Show the Importance of Elastomers in Today’s World: The Rubber Division is committed to providing World Class products and services to the industry, with a keen focus on long term growth and sustainability.  We will diligently and purposely invest time, energy, enthusiasm, and creative collaboration to sustain and grow our position for generations to come.