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Chair’s Corner

2019 Chair – Michael R. Morrow

Mike's theme for 2019 is “Building the Foundation from Chemistry to Componentry”.


- Rubber Division, ACS Succession Planning: A selection committee was established and will be responsible for identifying, interviewing and recommending a replacement for the current Division Executive Director, who will be retiring on January 15, 2020.

- Build on our Education Platforms: The Rubber Division has purchased its own Office/Classroom Building in Akron.  This becomes the Foundation of its future, committed to providing services to the rubber industry with a focus on long term growth, education and sustainability along the pathway of Chemistry to Componentry.

- From Chemistry to Componentry: Focus on who we are, what we do best, what we might struggle with and what we don’t do. This will help us identify what we can do to grow ourselves both internally and externally and potentially with strategic partnerships. Our education programs will be a key part of everything we do on the pathway.