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Technical Meeting

191st Technical Meeting
April 25-27, 2017; Beachwood, OH

Note: Rubber Division, ACS reserves the right to make changes to this program pending Steering Committee review, presentation time changes, speaker cancellations, etc.

Technical Meeting Session Topics Include:

  • Nanotechnology & Nanocomposites, Crystallization of Rubber, Contributed Session, New Tire Concepts & Materials & Carbon Footprint & Sustainability; Presentations by our 2017 Science & Technology Award Winners will also be featured

 Click here to view Technical Meeting schedule, speakers, abstracts, etc.

Keynote Address:

Kurt Aerts, Vice President
Specialty Elastomers & Butyl, ExxonMobil Chemical

Kurt Aerts was appointed vice president of the global Specialty Elastomers & Butyl rubber business in June of 2015. In this role, he is accountable for the operational and financial business results in the short term, as well as the development and implementation of the longer term business strategies. Mr. Aerts previously was vice president of ExxonMobil Chemicals’ global supply chain operations from 2013-2015 and before that was vice president of the global adhesion industry business from 2011-2013. In the earlier part of his career, he has held several leadership positions across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United States since joining the company in 1992 as a contact engineer at the Antwerp Polymers Plant in Belgium. Between 1995 and 2006, he held various roles in polyethylene sales and marketing and as feedstock and supply manager in Basic Chemicals in Belgium and the Netherlands. During this time, he also moved to Houston for the first time as polyethylene business planning manager. In January 2006, he moved to Shanghai where he served as Asia Pacific regional polyolefins sales manager. This was a great experience for him and his family, both from a personal and professional development perspective. In addition to learning about doing business in Asia and building up relationships with customers, the family’s opportunity to indulge in the richness of the culture and the dynamics of strong economic growth will be ever-lasting memories. During his time in China, Mr. Aerts was instrumental in recruiting and assimilation of new hires and supported the Shanghai Technology Center project. After 3.5 rewarding years in China, he returned to Houston in 2009 as a senior planning advisor. Mr. Aerts received a master’s degree in chemical engineering from University of Leuven (Belgium). He is married with two daughters and enjoys spending time with family, traveling, exercising and reading.

Keynote Address Topic:

Leading through Innovation - Foundation for Success in Synthetic Rubber

Innovation is not just a buzzword. Innovation is the lifeblood of business and the driving force of our industry. With a bright future for petrochemicals and particularly the rubber industry, we will rely on innovation to keep pushing the edge for next generation products and solutions. With the right mix of art and science, and with people passionate about developing the next best thing, there is no limit to the success we can enjoy together in our industry. Mr. Aerts will share insights into the innovations that ExxonMobil scientists and engineers have contributed to the rubber industry, as well as to automotive fuel efficiency and sustainability advancements that continue to help shape the industry.